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Strength training backed by science for your challenge.


No one ever complained about being too strong.


Our 8-Week Challenge strong program focusses on safe and efficient methods in lifting free weights (big, barbell compound lifts) while developing functional movement, mobility and strength. Our challenge is designed to better you, not just wear you out. We will train with a purpose - and that is to make you stronger and more functional in 8 weeks, leading to a better you!


Each strength session focuses on different muscle groups and a variety of exercises, rep ranges, rest periods and sets. Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your journey, we are ready to guide you in getting stronger.


Your Suggested Program
Your suggested program will include 2 strength sessions per week, 1 HIIT session for well-rounded fitness and the most important session of the week, your personal training session. This session will teach you the most and will also be your check in session for the week allowing the trainer to understand your abilities and needs for the coming weeks. All your questions are also welcome in this session.

Strength Testing

Fitness testing is designed to asses where you are in a fun and safe environment. It's a great way to check in and keep both you and us accountable!

Beginner: 3RM Bench Press, 3RM Back Squat and 3RM Trap Bar Deadlift

Intermediate: 1RM Bench Press, 1RM Back Squat and 1RM Deadlift

Advanced1RM Bench Press, 1RM Squat Clean and 1RM Deadlift

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