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Remember being lean? Let's get you there again!

A low-to-high-intensity 8-Week Challenge program designed to help you burn calories in the most time efficient way. Combine this with our nutrition plan and you can't fail. You'll use the latest equipment designed to improve performance and burn fat!

Getting lean is all about your output being greater than your input. And that's exactly how we've designed this program. This doesn't mean that you'll be deprived of your favourite food or drink, but it does mean being more mindful, consistently sticking to your plan and being disciplined for the full 8 weeks. There is plenty to look forward to including delicious meals that you'll enjoy and fun workouts with new friends all with a common goal.


Your Suggested Program
Your suggested program will include 2 HIIT sessions per week, 1 strength session for well-rounded fitness and the most important session of the week, your personal training session which will focus on your lean goals. This session will teach you the most and will also be your check in session for the week allowing the trainer to understand your abilities and needs for the coming weeks. All your questions are also welcome in this session.

Fitness Testing

Fitness testing is designed to asses where you are in a fun and safe environment. It's a great way to check in and keep both you and us accountable!

Beginner: VO2 Max Step Test and 60sec BW Squats

Intermediate: VO2 Max Step Test, 60sec BW Squats and 1km Run or 500m Row

Advanced: VO2 Max Step Test, 60sec Jump Squats and 1km Run into 1km Row

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